BetZone sister sites

BetZone sister sites

BetZone sister sites include Planet Sport Bet, Bresbet, Rhino Bet and Vickers. BetZone sister sites are operated by Playbook Gaming Limited, licence number 50122 which operates 7 sister sites in total.

BetZone sister sites 2023

Planet Sport Bet logo

The BetZone sister sites share a lot of similarities, as they are more or less copies of each other with different logos and branding. However, Planet Sport Bet manages to differentiate itself in a minor way from the rest by providing a wider range of options across its menu bar and greeting new players with a small bonus through a pop-up. While the site lives up to its name by offering an extensive selection of sports betting options that surpasses most of its sister sites at Playbook Gaming, it comes at a cost. The landing page feels a bit cluttered, with the sportsbook, welcome promotion, and a column of casino games and slots all competing for attention from the moment players first arrive on the page.

Despite being the official iGaming and sports betting presence of Planet Sport, which is known for operating sports media brands such as TEAM Talk and Football365, Planet Sport Bet fails to offer all the extras that one might expect from such a big-name network. Typically, a “celebrity” member of a betting site network would be loaded with exclusive features that the other sites lack, thus ensuring that it stands out from the crowd. However, Planet Sport Bet doesn’t do enough in this regard, and its generic approach may be its biggest weakness. It’s a perfectly competent sports betting site, but there isn’t a betting site on this whole network which we wouldn’t describe as “competent,” so that alone isn’t enough.

Bresbet logo

While all the BetZone sister sites share a similar structure, they each have subtle differences that cater to different markets. BresBet, in particular, seems to have been developed with an overseas audience in mind, which is evident from the way certain sports have been emphasised and others have been marginalised on its homepage. Unlike its UK-focused counterparts, BresBet doesn’t feature football and horse racing options on its top menu, suggesting that these sports aren’t as popular in the targeted market (whatever that may be). However, this doesn’t mean that BresBet lacks sports options altogether; it still provides many other popular sports on the side menu, including the ones that have lost the star billing they enjoy at the other BetZone sister sites.

BresBet’s stripped-back approach may appeal to some players, but it could have the opposite effect for others who prefer a more extensive range of options and a greater degree of depth. The absence of additional gambling options, such as politics betting, which is available on other BetZone sister sites, may also discourage some gamblers. Nevertheless, the simplified layout and reduced number of sports options allow BresBet to focus on core services like betting on individual sports events, creating a more efficient and agile betting platform. If you’re someone who values a simple, straightforward betting experience, BresBet may be the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more comprehensive list of options, BresBet may not come with enough content to meet your expectations.

Rhino Bet logo

Rhino Bet had the potential to have a unique theme compared to the other betting sites on the Playbook Gaming Limited platform. It’s unfortunate that the site hasn’t capitalised on this opportunity to stand out from its fellow BetZone sister sites by, for example, having a cute rhino mascot or any other distinctive branding. As a result, Rhino Bet is just another indistinguishable betting site among a network of similar-looking sites. However, when compared to the likes of BetZone, Rhino Bet has a more streamlined approach. It offers a concise version of the operator’s sportsbook and doesn’t overcrowd its menus with too many additional options. While it allows players to bet on all major sports, smaller sports aren’t quite as well-represented.

Rhino Bet’s casino section is larger than you’ll find at other BetZone sister sites and was recently rebranded as “Rhino Reels.” The rebranding involved adding nearly thirty new slots and games to the casino, giving players a deeper and more extensive range of games to choose from. This update may not attract sports bettors, but it could make Rhino Bet more appealing to those who prefer casino games over browsing the latest sporting odds. In addition, Rhino Bet is the only one of the BetZone sister sites to have a separate section for English Premier League football stats, indicating that the site still has a strong focus on sports even though the casino hogs the spotlight. While this unique feature isn’t likely to be a significant draw for most players, it’s still a factor that sets Rhino Bet apart from its sister sites.

Vickers logo

Vickers, a well-known horse racing specialist in the UK betting scene, is arguably the flagship of the BetZone sister sites family. Having been in operation for nearly forty years, which obviously includes its physical shops as well as its website, Vickers has established itself as a trusted brand in the online and offline space. The Vickers family, who have been involved in managing the physical side of the business for two generations, are as responsible for the site’s management as Playbook Gaming is, adding a personal touch that other casinos on the network lack. This factor could appeal to players who value a more personal betting experience.

Content-wise, Vickers offers similar features to Planet Sport Bet, one of the top sites on the network with more extensive sports betting options, providing players with a comprehensive selection of betting opportunities. Bresbet and Rhino Bet operate with reduced options, but players at Vickers don’t have to worry about any such limitations. However, while Vickers is a trusted brand name, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the website stands out significantly from the rest of the BetZone sister sites. The similarities between Planet Sport Bet and Vickers (excluding the green colour scheme) mean that Vickers is hardly unique in terms of content, and it’s not the only one of the BetZone sister sites to suffer from that issue. Despite its lack of uniqueness, Vickers isn’t lacking in any meaningful way and should come with enough oomph to satisfy the majority of seasoned sports bettors.

BetZone Information

Name BetZone
#No. of Sister Sites 7
Best Sister Sites Bresbet, Planet Sport, BetVickers, Rhino Bet
Owner/Operator Playbook Gaming Limited: Playbook Gaming, 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ, United Kingdom
Sister sites status 1 Active, 4 White Labels and 2 Inactive sister sites. 7 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 50122
Support Email [email protected]
Twitter @betzoneuk
Facebook BetZone Facebook page

BetZone operator – Playbook Gaming Limited

playbook gaming casinos logo

Playbook Gaming Limited remains a relatively unknown entity in the UK iGaming industry, despite operating a clutch of well-known brands. The company keeps its operations relatively secretive, but it is known to hold a UKGC license and is based in London, as noted in its UK Gambling Commission license entry. According to Companies House, which is about as trusted as it’s possible for a source to be, Playbook Gaming Limited was incorporated in 2017, but there’s little verifiable information available about the company beyond that. While Playbook Gaming Limited remains something of a mystery, its alter-ego Playbook Engineering is more forthcoming. Playbook Engineering, previously known as Two-Up Digital, has a simple one-page website that provides some insight into the company’s values and goals. Even then, the site lacks detailed information about the company’s operations, such as its number of employees or revenue figures, which are unknown.

The Playbook Engineering website is bristling with confidence, boldly positioning the company as the go-to partner for those who want to make a splash in the highly competitive world of online betting and casino gaming. With language like “disrupt the industry,” the company exudes an edgy and ambitious vibe. While not all of Playbook’s white-label partners may share this approach, the company offers a comprehensive array of services from its offices in London and Krakow, including website development, payment solutions, player account management and much more. This impressive range of services underscores the company’s ability to handle all aspects of a site’s operations, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking to appear to operate an iGaming site while not actually doing any of the work. Despite not yet being among the industry’s largest operators, Playbook appears to be in great shape and poised for continued growth.

BetZone review

BetZone screenshot

BetZone Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

You can’t always rely on the BetZone sister sites to furnish you with a welcome offer, but BetZone itself comes with one, and it’s not to be sniffed at. When you’re new to BetZone, you can have 50% of your initial spend back as a series of free bets, with a maximum value of £60. There’s quite a big catch here, though; your initial spend only becomes eligible for a refund of free bets if you back losers. The terms and conditions of the offer state that the 50% is based on losses, and to qualify for the promotion at all, you’ll need to place at least three £20 bets on your first day with the site. That’s quite a high bar when you consider that a lot of iGaming sites set the entry barrier for welcome promotions at £10.

Other Promotions

We find it difficult to talk about the other promotions at BetZone, but that’s not because there aren’t any other promotions to talk about – quite the opposite. The issue is that the other promotions are hyper-specific, so by the time we’ve written about them and you’ve read this page, they’ll all be gone. As an example of what we mean, a prominently-featured bonus on the BetZone homepage at the time we visited it for this review offered a £5 free bet to all players who spend £20 on Wednesday’s Premier League fixtures so long as Erling Haaland scores two goals or more. Those who are looking for promotions that last more than a single game might want to investigate the “Racing Zone,” but that’s obviously reserved for those who are interested in betting on the nags. Similarly, there’s also a Tennis Zone and a Golf Zone.

If you’ve read our reviews of the BetZone sister sites, you’ll know that most of them also offer one or two promotions for their casinos. That isn’t the case at BetZone. It’s not that the casino section of the site is missing – it’s all present and correct, as is the live dealer section – but BetZone doesn’t offer any casino promotions at all. It’s simply not the point of the site, so it’s not treated as a priority.

Top Games at BetZone

Bearing in mind what we just said about BetZone basically hiding all of its casino games in the metaphorical back room, it would be inaccurate if we suggested that there was any such thing as a “top game” at the site – the slots and casino games don’t have enough focus or attention for any of them to deserve being described in such a way. Instead, the featured attraction at BetZone is horse racing. Horse racing and football are the only sports you’ll see listed under the “popular” header on the BetZone sidebar, and horse racing odds are kept up-to-date in the middle of the site’s homepage. Every change in odds announces itself with a brief flash of pink or white, thus attracting the attention of players and ensuring they don’t miss anything enticing. The speed at which this happens is impressive.

Customer Support and Licensing

The BetZone sister sites have weaknesses when it comes to customer support, and BetZone itself is no exception. The site lists an email address, which is [email protected], but beyond that, all you can do is contact the company on social media. The social media links for BetZone are in our information box at the top of this page. In terms of licensing, Playbook Gaming Limited holds the UK Gambling Commission licence for BetZone under account number 50122 and has kept the licence clean as of the time of writing.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

When it comes to payment methods, the BetZone site lacks the flexibility offered by some of its competitors. The only payment methods accepted by BetZone are debit cards, as indicated by the logos of Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro on the homepage. Players who prefer e-wallets or other electronic payment methods may find this limiting. Withdrawals from BetZone take two to five business days to process, with no option for instant or even same-day withdrawals. That’s going to be a disappointment for players who’ve come to expect faster transactions from their betting sites.

Final Thoughts on BetZone

BetZone, like Vickers, is a betting brand that was born long before the age of the internet began. There have been BetZone shops in some towns in the UK since 1973. This website is a fair-enough extension of the brand. It’s not doing anything revolutionary, and it lacks some of the trappings and conveniences we’ve come to expect from modern betting sites, but it still handles the basic job of offering reasonable odds on sporting matters perfectly well. Expect competence rather than flair, and you won’t go far wrong.

BetZone Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about BetZone. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

You get excellent customer service at BetZone. Very fast withdrawals and the verification process was done quickly. GS, April 7th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

BetZone is a cheapskate bookie that doesn’t offer any decent promotions. The offers get even worse when you look at the small print; it’s harder to get a free bet than they make it sound. The whole thing is just too stingy; you’re better off with big names like Sky Bet. Robaird, March 15th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

BetZone are scam artists. I won four out of five greyhound races I put bets on, but they cancelled all of my bets and returned my stakes. They’ve offered me no explanation for this, so I’ll be taking it straight to IBAS and making sure everyone on social media knows, too.Jake, March 13th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

I wouldn’t call BetZone rigged because I’ve had a couple of wins playing slots here, but the payout rate seems suspiciously low. Also, they’ve stopped replying to me halfway through the verification process, and my account is locked until it completes. There’s £400 in my account, which I can’t access.Olly, March 4th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

All the games are rigged. I’ve reported BetZone to the Gambling Commission and recorded my gameplay. I played 53 spins on roulette, covering fourteen numbers each time, and only had one winning spin. I’ll see them in court.H White, February 23rd 2023. Source – Trustpilot.