Manbetx sister sites

Manbetx sister sites

Manbetx sister sites include VBet, Ava Bet, Bet MVP and Dafabet. Manbetx sister sites are operated by Vivaro, licence number 44662 which operates 24 sister sites in total.

Manbetx sister sites 2023

VBet logo

VBet is the flagship brand of Vivaro. That’s not the most difficult accolade to achieve when there are so few casinos and betting sites on this platform, but it still matters – especially when the casino network is mostly made up of white-label sites. Vivaro’s business model depends on convincing third-party customers to come to them and pay to have a betting site made. VBet is the only site on the operator’s network that’s wholly owned and operated by Vivaro. That means it’s not only the flagship site; it’s also the shop window. Potential customers look at VBet to decide whether or not Vivaro is the right partner for them. That’s probably why VBet is piled high with more features than most of the other ManBetX sister sites put together.

Aside from being a flagship brand, VBet is also a glamour brand. It’s known for its commercial partnership with AS Monaco. Shy of Barcelona or Real Madrid, European football clubs don’t come much more glamorous than that. While most of the ManBetX sister sites focus fairly squarely on sports betting, VBet is more of an all-rounder. It still has the same sportsbook you’ll find everywhere else on this platform, but it packs it in with plenty of casino games in every category. You’ll even find a few VBet-exclusive slots and games if you’re after a unique experience. If you’re looking for ManBetX sister sites – which we presume you are, or else you wouldn’t be here – it makes sense to start with VBet. None of the others, regardless of their individual qualities, are on the same level.

Ava Bet logo

AvaBet is one of the ManBetX sister sites that stands out from the rest due to its unique and distinguishable design. Although it may not be the most thrilling to look at, it’s definitely a refreshing change from the uniformity of some of the other sites on the network – and yes, we’re looking at you, Dafabet and ManBetX. Another significant point of differentiation is that AvaBet actually offers promotions, which is a stark contrast to some of the lesser ManBetX sister sites. While the promotions may not be overly impressive, the fact that new players can claim a £10 free bet is certainly more enticing than joining Dafabet and getting nothing to welcome you to the site.

AvaBet sets itself apart from its sister sites in other ways too. It boasts of covering forty thousand live matches each month, which is ten thousand more than the other ManBetX sister sites. Additionally, the site streams some sports events live for its members, accompanied by exclusive commentary for matches that aren’t permitted to be broadcast live. While AvaBet may not have the same level of recognition as its sister sites, it’s clear that it holds its own in terms of offering extensive sports coverage. One possible reason why AvaBet isn’t as well-known as its counterparts is that it hasn’t ventured into sponsoring football teams. The days of gambling brands sponsoring football teams are coming to an end, but if it could find an alternative high-visibility sponsorship opportunity, it could potentially become the most popular iGaming site on the network. It’s worth noting that AvaBet only launched in the UK in 2021, which explains why it hasn’t quite gained the same level of traction as some of the other Vivaro brands. Nonetheless, the signs are positive, and if it continues on its current trajectory, only a matter of time before AvaBet starts to make a significant impact.

Dafabet logo

Dafabet is a name that resonates with English Premier League fans, with the brand having sponsored multiple top-flight football teams, including Aston Villa, Fulham, Norwich City, and Sunderland. Most recently, you may have seen the Dafabet logo adorning the shirts of Bournemouth. The brand’s logo has even appeared on the iconic green-and-white shirts of Celtic, the Scottish giants. Despite the expensive price tag associated with football shirt sponsorships, Dafabet seems to have made the most out of its deals, establishing itself as a prominent name in the world of sports betting purely by getting its name out there in front of an audience of millions week after week for several years.

Design-wise, Dafabet looks like most other ManBetX sister sites, with a layout that bears a striking resemblance to ManBetX itself. This suggests that Vivaro uses a template when creating iGaming websites for its white-label partners, which can result in lookalike sites. One area where Dafabet and ManBetX are literally identical is the lack of promotions offered on their respective sites. This may be off-putting to those who are motivated by bonuses when signing up for a new platform. However, Dafabet’s sportsbook is as extensive as expected, and the casino section offers over 700 games to choose from. This probably isn’t going to become your new favourite sports betting site if you like picking up loyalty rewards and other perks in return for your time and money. On the other hand, you might consider it a fine place to come if you find all those bells and whistles distracting.

Manbetx Information

Name Manbetx
#No. of Sister Sites 24
Best Sister Sites Ava Bet, VBet, Dafabet, Bet MVP
Owner/Operator Vivaro: Luxe Pavilion 2nd Level, Diamonds International Building, Portomaso, St. Julians, STJ 4010, Malta
Sister sites status 2 Active, 7 White Labels and 15 Inactive sister sites. 24 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 44662
Support Email [email protected]
Twitter @manbetxofficial
Facebook Manbetx Facebook page

Manbetx operator – Vivaro

vivaro casinos logo

Vivaro is a company with an interesting history that not many in the UK iGaming scene may be familiar with. The company’s roots can be traced back to the city of Yerevan in Armenia, where two brothers named Vigen and Vahe Badalayan opened a single betting shop in 2003. Back then, Vivaro only had four employees, and the shop didn’t have an online betting site to go with it. Despite these humble beginnings, the Badalayan brothers managed to turn Vivaro into a thriving iGaming company. Vivaro’s first online betting site, VBet, launched in 2004 and quickly became Armenia’s biggest betting company, with over three hundred shops. The company’s headquarters is now located in Malta, but its story began in Yerevan. It’s remarkable to think that a small betting shop in a relatively unknown city (in the context of wider Europe) could turn into a major player in the iGaming industry.

Vivaro’s rise to prominence across Europe was swift, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the company set its sights on the UK market. With its UK Gambling Commission licence in hand, Vivaro wasted no time in launching its BetConstructor white-label platform and its first batch of white-label casinos, known today as the ManBetX sister sites. The company’s foray into Europe continued with its expansion into Germany in 2018, marking the first time Vivaro had opened brick-and-mortar betting shops outside of its Armenian base. The company’s workforce has grown to approximately 300 people across Europe, although that number may well have increased since last reported. The extent of Vivaro’s financial success remains unclear, but its high-profile sponsorship of AS Monaco suggests that the company is no stranger to big spending.

Manbetx review

Manbetx screenshot

ManBetX Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

When you’ve spent a lot of time on casinos and betting sites, you begin to develop an instinctive feel for where everything is. As an example, when you see there’s a series of large splash banner graphics rotating on an iGaming site’s homepage, you assume that’s where to look for your welcome bonus. It is, therefore, quite a surprise when the first three banners scroll past, and all three of them advertise the Safer Gambling tools at ManBetX instead. They’re followed in short order by a couple of adverts for recently-added new games and then a reminder that ManBetX has recently been the shirt sponsor for Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers. It’s only after the seventh and final banner scrolls past, and you’re returned to the start, that you realise there aren’t any welcome promotions at ManBetX at all.

Other Promotions

The absence of welcome promotions doesn’t always mean that an iGaming site has no promotions to offer at all. When you look below the aforementioned scrolling banners on the ManBetX homepage, you’ll note that there are four selectable categories; Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, and Promotions. Eager to find out what ManBetX offers in terms of perks and treats, we selected the “Promotions” tab, only to be disappointed when we were taken to a page telling us there were no available promotions for our selected category. We hadn’t selected a category, so the long and short of it is that there are no promotions at ManBetX. While this makes the betting site a little vanilla, it’s a problem that exists at a couple of the ManBetX sister sites, too.

Top Games at ManBetX

ManBetX is a sports betting website, and it makes no bones about that. That’s why the people behind the brand (by which we mean Vivaro’s white-label partners, not Vivaro itself) have paid big money for Premier League shirt sponsorships in the past. The image in the background of the ManBetX homepage is the roof of a football stadium, and there’s a constantly-updated feed of sports news on the homepage. With all of this in mind, it would be both churlish and incorrect to suggest that anything other than the sports that the site allows its players to bet on are the “top games” at ManBetX. Instead, the site’s sportsbook deserves its moment in the spotlight. If you do ever venture to the ManBetX casino, though, you’ll find that it gives preferential treatment to newer releases than it does to old classics. That’s why the recently-released Fluffy Favourites Remastered and Fluffy Favourites: Mix ‘n’ Win are featured more prominently than the original Fluffy Favourites or Fluffy Too.

Customer Support and Licensing

The minimum standard of customer care we expect from an iGaming site in the modern era is live chat. A very good iGaming site should also offer telephone-based support. ManBetX does neither. All that players in need of assistance can do is email [email protected] There’s no guidance given about how long it might take for the site to get back to you. ManBetX sister sites are operated by Vivaro, which holds licence no. 44662 with the UK Gambling Commission. After a compliance review in January 2023, the UK Gambling Commission found that Vivaro had broken licence conditions relating to customer interaction, money laundering prevention, and safer gambling. Vivaro accepted the charge, paid £337,361 in lieu of a formal financial penalty, and now has further conditions attached to its licence.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

In the brief FAQ on the ManBetX website, players are told that they’ll find full information about the site’s deposit and withdrawal process in the banking section. The problem is that we couldn’t find a banking page, so we’re in the dark. All we can do in these circumstances is look at the payment provider logos at the bottom of the ManBetX homepage and hope that they’re accurate. If they are, we can confirm that this site allows players to make withdrawals using Skrill, ecoPayz, and Neteller e-wallets, with Trustly there as an alternative if you want a bank transfer and support for standard UK debit cards. The logo of PayPal isn’t present. The FAQ says that withdrawal requests are processed within three working days where possible, but it can’t be any more specific than that.

Final Thoughts on ManBetX

We think ManBetX is a perfectly dependable choice if your interests are limited to sports betting. We see no reason why you couldn’t have fun in the casino, too, but the lack of promotions hurts the appeal of the ManBetX Casino even more than it hurts the appeal of the sportsbook. Overall, ManBetX offers a fairly bland iGaming proposition on an equally bland-looking website. It looks safe and fair – it just isn’t very exciting.

Manbetx Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about ManBetX. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

In the above review, we suggested a few times that ManBetX doesn’t have enough about it to attract or hold the attention of most bettors. That’s backed up by the fact that ManBetX has never been reviewed by a single player on any major review website. We like to bring our readers player feedback about the betting sites and casinos we cover where it’s possible to do so, but in the case of ManBetX, we can’t. If that ever changes, you’ll see the latest reviews here.