Bingo Britain sister sites

Bingo Britain sister sites

Bingo Britain sister sites include The Palaces Casino and Bingo Eireann. Bingo Britain sister sites are operated by Palatial Leisure Limited, licence number 441 which operates 3 sister sites in total.

Bingo Britain sister sites 2023

The Palaces Casino logo

The last thing we want to do is accuse the person who put The Palaces Casino website together of a lack of attention to detail, but there are some things that can’t be avoided. If you load the homepage of this casino and scroll about halfway down it, you’ll see a section under the headline, “Why choose us.” Within that section is a supposed list of reasons why The Palaces Casino is the best place for you. One of the listed reasons is, and we quote, “With a selection of bingo rooms and slots, there are games for everyone at Bingo Eireann.” Bingo Eirann is, of course, the other one of the Bingo Britain sister sites. It’s obvious from a single glance that the Bingo Britain sister sites are clones of each other, but in the case of The Palaces Casino, it’s horribly apparent that someone copied and pasted Bingo Eireann and then forgot to clean up after themselves. It’s a little bit embarrassing.

If the reason you’re looking for Bingo Britain sister sites is that you’re a little disappointed that Bingo Britain is indeed one hundred per cent dedicated to bingo and doesn’t offer any slots, The Palaces Casino might be the perfect remedy for you. It’s the polar opposite of Bingo Britain despite sharing a near-identical design. Whereas Bingo Britain doesn’t have any slots, The Palaces Casino doesn’t have any bingo games. It’s slots from top to bottom at The Palaces Casino, ranging from new, quirky titles like Spaceman to older, tried-and-trusted titles like Cleopatra. We’re a little confused that there’s a “Let’s Play Bingo” button on the homepage of The Palaces Casino, but like we said earlier, the design o the site is a bit of a slapdash bodge job. If you’re willing to overlook that – and a few other idiosyncrasies that exist at the site – you might find that The Palaces holds some charm. It certainly won’t be a top pick for everybody, though.

Bingo Eireann logo

You don’t have to speak Gaelic to know that “Bingo Eireann” means Bingo Ireland. The words are close enough for most people to make the connection anyway, and even for those who can’t, the use of the Irish flag in the Bingo Eireann logo finishes the job of getting the message across. Bingo Eireann is, quite literally, the Irish equivalent of Bingo Britain. There are only two Bingo Britain sister sites anyway, but you could argue that there’s only one – The Palaces Casino – because Bingo Eireann and Bingo Britain are more like a twin set. That being said, there are some surprising differences between the two iGaming sites when you look beyond their names and their layouts. In fact, there’s a significant and surprising difference when it comes to content.

Bingo Britain is very loud and proud about being one of the few bingo sites that still exist out there on the internet without any slots or other casino games attached to them. In fact, it’s that precise factor that the people at Bingo Britain would tell you makes their site unique. While it would be natural to assume that Bingo Eireann has taken the same approach, it hasn’t. There’s a small collection of slots at Bingo Eireann – and when we say “small,” we mean fewer than fifty – but they’re still a surprising inclusion, and they still take a little of the attention away from the site’s bingo rooms. The weirdest thing about Bingo Eireann, though, is that it doesn’t look like it’s kitted out to serve UK players. All the money amounts listed on the homepage are given in Euros as opposed to pounds. The site is covered by Palatial Leisure Limited’s UK Gambling Commission licence, and we know it accepts sign-ups from the UK, but it doesn’t do much to make them feel welcome. Truth be told, it’s quite an odd site.

Bingo Britain Information

Name Bingo Britain
#No. of Sister Sites 3
Best Sister Sites Bingo Eireann, The Palaces Casino
Owner/Operator Palatial Leisure Limited: Palatial Leisure Limited, Church Plain, Great Yarmouth, NR30 1PL, United Kingdom
Sister sites status 3 Active, 0 White Labels and 0 Inactive sister sites. 3 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 441
Support Email [email protected]
Twitter N/A – not on Twitter
Facebook Bingo Britain Facebook page

Bingo Britain operator – Palatial Leisure Limited

palatial leisure casinos logo

Palatial Leisure Limited is perhaps better known by its trading name of Palace Bingo & Casino Clubs. If you think you might have spotted a Palace Bingo club in your home town or city, you could well be right – this is an operator that has an offline presence as well as an online one. That fact is reinforced on the “about us” page of every single one of the Bingo Britain sister sites, where you’ll be told that the whole Palace Bingo & Casino Clubs empire owes its success to Patrick Duffy, its managing director, who has more than thirty years of relevant experience in the sector. The company’s headquarters is in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, so this is a rare case of a British casino or betting company sticking with the UK as a base of operations rather than relocating to Gibraltar or Malta. The phrase, “For us, it’s all about entertainment,” appears repeatedly on the Bingo Britain sister sites as well as the website of the physical Palace Bingo venues, suggesting that it’s something of a company motto.

There are some aspects of its operations that Palatial Leisure Limited prefers to keep under its hat. We don’t know, for example, how many people work for the company or what its annual turnover is. Much of what we do know about it – save for the promotional speel that appears on all of its websites – comes from public records, for example, those at Companies House. From there, we know that Palatial Leisure Limited was incorporated in March 1993. That’s consistent with Patrick Duffy’s claim about thirty years of experience and means that the existence of the company’s physical premises pre-dates the existence of its websites. The most recent documents available via Companies House suggest that the business has a turnover of around £2.5m per year, so while it’s far from being one of the biggest hitters in the domestic scene, it’s certainly not doing badly.

Bingo Britain review

Bingo Britain screenshot

Bingo Britain Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

In keeping with its theme, Bingo Britain goes out of its way to provide a traditional bingo experience. Big, flashy bonuses wouldn’t work in that atmosphere, so it’s no surprise to find out that the welcome promotion awaiting new players at Bingo Britain is a fairly modest one – and yet it’s one that involves spending more than most iGaming sites ask their newest members to. Spend £20 as a new player at Bingo Britain to receive a fifty per cent matched deposit boost up to £30. In plainer terms, spend £20 to get £10 of bonus cash. The bonus is restricted to the London Palace room only and is tied to an x2 wagering requirement. There’s nothing wrong with the wagering requirements, but the bonus itself is a little miserly.

Other Promotions

When you click on the “promotions” tab on the Bingo Britain homepage, you’re taken straight to a page which firstly repeats the terms and conditions of the welcome promotion and then secondly tells you (under the headline “why choose us”) that there are no wagering requirements at Bingo Britain, and that all winnings from bonuses are paid as cash. That flatly contradicts the terms of the welcome promotion, which has an x2 wagering requirement. It might only be small, but it’s still there. However, there is another promotion at the site that comes without any wagering requirements attached; for every £10 deposited at Bingo Britain, players receive fifteen free bingo tickets – and these tickets genuinely have no associated wagering requirements. The only snag is that they can only be used in the 25 Year Bonus Room.

Top Games at Bingo Britain

The absence of any slots or casino games at Bingo Britain is at once a promise, a pledge, and a boast. If you’re a regular online bingo player, you’ll know that it’s become expected for any modern bingo site to offer a few slots to go with its bingo rooms – it’s almost considered a nicety. Bingo Britain thinks of it more as a distraction. There’s nothing to play at Bingo Britain apart from bingo – and that’s precisely how the site believes things should be. However, the site makes it a lot harder to see the actual bingo rooms than it ought to be. Clicking through to the “play” screen reveals nothing because the rooms are all hidden behind the login system. To put that another way, you have to register to play at Bingo Britain before you’re allowed to see a single bingo room. That’s an odd way to go about things, as it means players who are in two minds about joining might be put off. We know that the 25 Year Bonus Room and the London Palace Room are considered the best of the site’s offerings, though, and we know there are numerous options for both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, too.

Customer Support and Licensing

The strength of the customer support platform at Bingo Britain is one of the site’s biggest positives. Live chat is available through the contact page, and there’s no mention of limited hours, so we assume it’s available on a 24/7 basis. If you’re someone who prefers to deal with things over email, send your queries to [email protected] If speaking to a real person on the phone is the way you prefer to get your problems solved, call 0808 196 7874. You could even text 07899 660000 if you prefer. Bingo Britain operates according to the terms and conditions of UK Gambling Commission licence 441, as held by Palatial Leisure Limited (also known as Palace Bingo & Casino Clubs). The operator has a clean record with the regulator – there are no fines or warnings on file for the company.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

Having praised Bingo Britain for the quality of its customer care, this is where we have to stick the boot in a little. The lack of information about withdrawal processes on the Bingo Britain homepage worries us, and what limited information we were able to find worries us even more. There isn’t a payments page on the Bingo Britain website, nor an FAQ. There are no payment provider logos in the footer of the website. We’ve read the website’s terms and conditions in their entirety, and no single payment provider is mentioned by name. We don’t know who Bingo Britain does and doesn’t work with. To make matters worse, the terms and conditions state that players should allow thirty days for withdrawals to arrive in the event of unforeseen circumstances at Palatial Leisure Limited. That strongly contradicts the “get your winnings in a matter of hours” pledge that the site makes on its homepage. It’s certainly not a standard term or condition for an iGaming site, and it concerns us that it’s there.

Final Thoughts on Bingo Britain

There are some things we like about Bingo Britain – quite a few of them, in fact. We like the professional look and feel of the site, and we like that players get free bingo tickets for each £10 they spend. We even like the site’s throwback focus on bingo at the expense of all other casino games, which feels like a statement move in this day and age. Unfortunately, none of this matters because the site asks players to register without knowing which bingo games and rooms are available, which payment or deposit methods they can use, and how long they might have to wait for their withdrawals to be processed. That’s three strikes, and we all know what the rule is about three strikes.

Bingo Britain Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about Bingo Britain. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

In the entire time that it’s existed, Bingo Britain has never attracted a single review from any player on any major review website. While we love to bring our readers player feedback about the sites we cover where possible, we can’t do it when no reviews exist. If any reviews of Bingo Britain do appear in the future, you’ll find them here.