Wicked Jackpots sister sites

Wicked Jackpots sister sites

Wicked Jackpots sister sites include Frozen Bingo, Bingo Ireland, Chit Chat Bingo and Booty Bingo. Wicked Jackpots sister sites are operated by Grand Battery Holdings Limited, licence number 58267 which operates 237 sister sites in total.

Wicked Jackpots sister sites 2023

Frozen Bingo logo

The name Frozen Bingo seems appropriate for this member of the Wicked Jackpots sister sites family because it appears to be frozen in time, with a design that’s not so much outdated as it is defunct. Frozen Bingo employs the same template as City Bingo (more on that one later) and several other “older” bingo sites on the Grand Battery Holdings Limited platform, but it looks even shabbier. Worse still, the site suffers from outdated content, with Eyecon’s Vlad’s Castle being the most recent addition, even though it’s several years old and, perhaps more importantly, not a bingo game. There are various aspects of Frozen Bingo that barely even function anymore, which would make us worried about making deposits at the site. When there are so many better bingo options on this network, there’s no real reason to play at Frozen Bingo.

Bingo Ireland logo

Although it may not be the most visually stunning site, Bingo Ireland has a lot more going for it than initially meets the eye. At first glance, it may seem like just another generic member of the Wicked Jackpots sister sites family, with an uninspired design and a half-hearted attempt at an Irish theme. Even the welcome bonus seems more geared towards slots than bingo. However, once you start exploring the site, it becomes clear that Bingo Ireland has a lot to offer bingo players. The site boasts several high-stakes bingo rooms, including the exclusive “Royal Room” reserved for the best bingo sites on the Grand Battery Holdings platform. This demonstrates that while looks may not be everything, it’s the substance that counts in the world of iGaming. So, while Bingo Ireland may not be the prettiest bingo site you’re ever going to play at, it’s definitely worlds apart from the likes of Frozen Bingo.

Chit Chat Bingo logo

Chit Chat Bingo shouldn’t be mistaken for being part of a certain breed of other Wicked Jackpots sister sites which have official licenses from celebrity and gossip magazines. Despite its name, Chit Chat Bingo is not associated with any particular publication. Instead, it’s known for its chatty bingo rooms, which attract some of the friendliest players in the online bingo community. The Royal Room is the crown jewel of Chit Chat Bingo, offering an exciting bingo experience that can only be equalled at the other Grand Battery Holdings bingo sites that have access to the same room. For players who can’t get tickets to the Royal Room, there are several other decent bingo rooms to choose from, as well as over 500 slots. Although Chit Chat Bingo lacks the magazine-themed connection found on some of its sister sites, its fun bingo platform and extensive slots selection could still make it a viable choice for some.

Booty Bingo logo

Grand Battery Holdings Limited may have hammered the “copy and paste” function a bit too liberally when redesigning the sites it inherited from 888 UK Limited, particularly when it comes to the Wicked Jackpot sister sites that focus on bingo. It’s difficult to ignore the similarities between Booty Bingo and some of the other sites in the network, which dress up their pages with a pirate theme in the hope of attracting players, with Slotahoy being the most notable example. However, the pirate theme is executed better at Booty Bingo than at Slotahoy, with a Captain Jack Sparrow doppelganger appearing on the homepage. New players are lured in with the prospect of a possible £777 bingo bonus as part of the welcome promotion, although the exact value of the bonus is determined by chance rather than choice. Still, nobody ever said that pirates like to play fair, did they?

Bubble Bonus Bingo logo

Bubble Bonus Bingo’s name may lead you to believe that it’s a bingo site, but it’s actually not. There are no bingo games available on its homepage, so it cant be considered a bingo site. While it does offer a selection of slots games, it falls short in that regard as well. That’s just the beginning of the site’s problems. The welcome bonus has extremely high wagering requirements, making it one of the least attractive bonuses among the Wicked Jackpots sister sites. The bonus is only £20, and it has an x80 wagering requirement, which makes it difficult (some would say “impossible”) to redeem. The top slots at Bubble Bonus Bingo are all outdated, which adds to its lack of appeal. Overall, it’s not a site that we would recommend visiting, as there are far better options available on the Grand Battery Holdings Limited network.

City Bingo logo

The catchphrase of City Bingo is “Bingo in Hong Kong,” but it’s anyone’s guess as to why. There is no clear connection to Hong Kong on the City Bingo website, and the world map background doesn’t seem to have any particular association with the “city” concept. However, despite the lack of a clear theme, City Bingo was once a very popular site among the Wicked Jackpots sister sites. Today, however, it looks more than a bit outdated, and it has far fewer games than most other bingo sites and casinos on the Grand Battery Holdings Limited platform. While the site may have been popular in the past, it seems to have fallen behind in recent years. It has the same problems we talked about when we were discussing Frozen Bingo a few paragraphs ago, which may have something to do with the fact that both iGaming sites were built from the same generic template.

Bumble Bingo logo

When you hear the word “Bumble,” what’s the first thing that pops into your head? If it’s cricket, you’re likely a fan of the legendary David Lloyd. If you’re a younger reader, you might think of the dating app that’s been making waves in recent years. And if you’re an entomologist, your mind may jump straight to the bumblebee. However, if you’re checking out the Bumble Bingo site, you might be left scratching your head – there’s a distinct lack of buzzing bees on this site. While the honeycomb logo is prominently displayed, the site’s theme is a bit lost without any actual bees to be found. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – the site’s biggest issue is the lack of bingo games. Instead, it’s mostly old slots games that are on display, making for a jumbled and confusing experience. This is a far cry from the engaging and enjoyable bingo experiences you’ll find on the best Wicked Jackpots sister sites.

Wicked Jackpots Information

Name Wicked Jackpots
URL wickedjackpots.com
#No. of Sister Sites 235
Best Sister Sites Bingo Ireland, Frozen Bingo, Bubble Bonus Bingo, Booty Bingo and Chit Chat Bingo
Owner/Operator Grand Battery Holdings Limited: Hospitality House, 16-20 Cumberland Street South, Dublin, D02Y097, Ireland
Sister sites status 50 Active, 160 White Labels and 25 Inactive sister sites. 235 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 58267
Support Email [email protected]
Twitter @wickedjackpots
Facebook N/A – not on Facebook

Wicked Jackpots operator – Grand Battery Holdings Limited

grand battery casinos logo

The UK iGaming scene in 2022 witnessed a significant shift with the entry of Grand Battery Holdings Limited as a formidable new name in the market. The catalyst for this change was 888 UK Limited’s strategy switch to focus on the freshly-opened US sports betting market, leading to the sale by auction of more than 200 sites, including its whole bingo portfolio. Broadway Gaming Limited was the leading bidder during the intense auction, but eventually, Grand Battery Holdings took ownership of the sites in February 2022. Though some weaker sites were closed down in early 2023, the acquisition, which cost £38m, was a triumph for Broadway Gaming Limited, with experts hailing it as an astute investment in solid assets. Grand Battery Holdings’ entry breathed new life into the domestic scene, affirming that the UK iGaming landscape is a constantly evolving space where even the most static situations can be altered with the right moves.

As Broadway Gaming Limited took on the 888 Group’s sites, it also took on substantial risk. Adding the new sites to its existing UK Gambling Commission license could have posed serious regulatory challenges that could have impacted the company’s standing. To address this concern, Broadway Gaming came up with an ingenious solution: Grand Battery Holdings Limited. This new subsidiary company would hold its own independent UKGC license, and its sole purpose would be to oversee the newly acquired sites. Despite being a separate entity, Grand Battery Holdings operates from the same address as Broadway Gaming in Dublin, and it serves as a safety net, protecting the parent company from any possible regulatory problems that may result from the acquisition. By taking this proactive step, Broadway Gaming has demonstrated a forward-thinking approach, and the successful acquisition of the 888 Group’s sites has been widely regarded as a strategic win.

Wicked Jackpots review

Wicked Jackpots screenshot

Wicked Jackpots Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

The familiar logo of Starburst looks back at you from the homepage of Wicked Jackpots, accompanied by an offer of up to 777 free spins on the slots game as a welcome promotion. The phrase “up to” is doing a lot of heavy lifting here, though, as the number of spins you win is down to a spin of the Wicked Jackpots bonus wheel. That’s the only thing that your £10 first deposit gets you, and the prize you end up with could be worth far less. In fact, you might not end up with free spins at all – you could end up with a cash bonus instead. Whatever prize you win comes with an x35 wagering requirement, which is considered fine by modern standards.

Other Promotions

We’re confident in saying that there are other promotions to be played with at Wicked Jackpots, but we can’t be confident in saying exactly what they involve. There’s a block of three graphics about halfway down the casino’s homepage, each promoting a different bonus. One is “Daily Jackpots,” with a promise of £100,000 in cash to be won every week. The second is the same prize wheel that appears in the welcome promotion, so it could be that players get more chances to spin the wheel as they make deposits beyond their first. The third graphic promotes “trophies,” with a sentence explaining players can win trophies and earn “a share of rewards” by doing so. It’s nice to know these additional perks are there, but we’d like a little more information about them than Wicked Jackpots gives us.

Top Games at Wicked Jackpots

We know there are more than five hundred slots and games in the Wicked Jackpots archive, but the top row of those slots on the homepage is made up of very familiar names. It’s no real surprise to see Starburst there, given the slot’s connection to the Wicked Jackpots welcome promotion, but we’re not convinced there was a case to include the Slingo version of Starburst on the same row. Slingone Fishin’ also appears on the top row, so that alone would have been enough to tell players there are Slingo games at the site. Big Bass Bonanza is just as familiar and just as uninspired a choice. It means the whole top row is occupied by either Starburst variants or fishing-themed games, which isn’t a great indication of the casino’s range.

Customer Support and Licensing

If you need customer support at Wicked Jackpot, there are three ways to get it. Route one is the 24/7 online live chat feature, which is probably the easiest way to go. If you’d rather speak to a real person, call 0800 279 3222 between 8am and midnight any day of the week. Email enquiries should be sent to [email protected] Wicked Jackpots appears on the UK Gambling Commission licence of Grand Battery Holdings Limited, which has been in place since February 2022 and is so far clean of sanctions, fines or warnings.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

Wicked Jackpots withdrawal policy will disappoint players looking for non-traditional options since it only provides PayPal e-wallets and debit cards for withdrawals. Furthermore, the obligatory 48-hour processing period for all transactions isn’t the most convenient for players who prefer faster payouts. If you choose PayPal for your withdrawal, you’ll have to wait an additional 2-3 business days for your funds to clear, while debit card withdrawals can take up to five working days to be processed. These prolonged waiting times contrast with the instant or 24-hour withdrawal options offered by the best online casinos in the UK, which could leave players wishing they’d played there instead.

Final Thoughts on Wicked Jackpots

Back when Wicked Jackpots was on the 888 UK Limited platform, it was one of the best slots and casino sites on it. We’re not convinced it’s maintained that status since changing hands. It’s still better than the average casino on this platform, thanks to its range of additional promotions, but the lack of information provided about those promotions is a concern. It’s a decent enough casino, but we’d like withdrawals to be much faster.

Wicked Jackpots Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about Wicked Jackpots. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

Everything was fine during my first week with Wicked Jackpots, but then I was asked for document after document. I sent my bank statements in November, but I’m still waiting for a £70 withdrawal. My account has now been blocked. The casino has robbed me. Angela, January 8th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

I can’t believe what’s happened tonight. I hadn’t used Wicked Jackpots for a while, but I’d used PayPal in the past, so I tried to use it again. The deposit got blocked. Now I remember why I stopped playing here. Chrissy, December 9th 2022. Source – Trustpilot.

Withdrawals at this casino need to be a lot faster than they are. It used to be a fun site with fast payouts, but that’s all changed.Sonya, July 25th 2022. Source – Trustpilot.

I’m still waiting for a payout from these robbers and have been for two weeks. It says on the site that it’s been approved, but I don’t have it. Who do I report these scammers to?Lesley, July 21st 2022. Source – Trustpilot.

Wicked Jackpots is the most boring casino I’ve ever played at. Bonuses are so rare, and the payouts are low even when they do turn up. I hate casinos that play like this.Ginette, July 11th 2022. Source – Trustpilot.