Xl Casino sister sites

Xl Casino sister sites

Xl Casino sister sites include Sailor Bingo, Two Fat Ladies, Wink Slots and Woman Bingo. Xl Casino sister sites are operated by Grand Battery Holdings Limited, licence number 58267 which operates 237 sister sites in total.

Xl Casino sister sites 2023

Sailor Bingo logo

When it comes to XL Casino sister sites, it’s not always a straightforward case of bingo sites being bingo sites, by which we mean these sites aren’t always what they claim to be. Sailor Bingo is a prime example, and it falls short of the standards of the best bingo sites on the platform. Granted, Sailor Bingo’s homepage is a visual treat that could tempt anyone with its high-quality graphics and polished design. However, upon closer inspection, the site’s bingo offerings are surprisingly lacklustre. Despite having a smaller selection of rooms than the likes of Wink Bingo, which should make them easier to show off, only the free-to-play “Free4U” bingo room gets the spotlight on the homepage. This seems like a missed opportunity to showcase the site’s more premium and jackpot rooms. It’s especially puzzling given that Sailor Bingo gives ample space to slot games, which begs the question: why not give equal prominence to bingo rooms? For players seeking a stellar bingo experience, Sailor Bingo isn’t your best choice.

Two Fat Ladies logo

In the world of bingo calls, “Two Fat Ladies, 88” might be the ultimate classic, but it’s also controversial in modern times. Despite this, the bingo site named after the most infamous call of them all remains a popular destination for players. In fact, Two Fat Ladies is doing so well that even some of the recently shuttered XL Casino sister sites are now redirecting to its website. The site embraces its bingo call roots by offering a maximum welcome bonus of £88, which adds a touch of nostalgia. However, Two Fat Ladies is somewhat lacking in its actual bingo offerings. While there are plenty of slots to enjoy, bingo lovers may be disappointed by the site’s limited selection of bingo rooms, which occupy just a single row of the homepage. Overall, the site’s success is a testament to the enduring popularity of bingo, and its continued growth is a sign that players still enjoy the old-school trappings of the game, even in an increasingly digital age.

Wink Slots logo

How good is Wink Slots? Let’s put it this way – if the Grand Battery Holdings platform was a musical, then Wink Bingo would be the star of the show, but Wink Slots would be the understudy who steals the limelight with an unexpected and impressive performance. While Wink Bingo may be the more famous and established of the two Wink-branded XL Casino sister sites, Wink Slots has some unique features that make it stand out. From its sleek and modern design to its variety of gaming options, including digital scratchcards, Wink Slots has a certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart. Unlike many of its sister sites, Wink Slots offers no-deposit free spins as part of its welcome promotion, giving players a risk-free way to try out the site’s offerings. There aren’t many spins to sample the site’s delights with, but it’s better than nothing. All in all, Wink Slots is definitely worth a closer look, especially if you’re a slots enthusiast looking for something a little different.

Woman Bingo logo

In the world of online gaming, the Grand Battery Holdings range of iGaming sites are known for their affiliation with women’s magazines, and Woman Bingo is no exception. As the official iGaming site of Woman Magazine, Woman Bingo aims to capture the essence of its namesake. However, the “bingo” in its name is a bit misleading since the site has more to offer in the slot department than it does in the bingo arena. It seems that “Woman Slots” would be a more appropriate name for the site. Despite the misnomer, Woman Bingo manages to attract players with its sleek design and affiliation with a trusted publication. Unfortunately, the welcome promotion on offer is not as impressive as you might expect from a branded iGaming site, and there are no other promotions to make up for it. The really puzzling thing is that most of the “branded” XL Casino sister sites on this network suffer from the exact same issues, suggesting that the uniform look of them might be deliberate.

Dinky Bingo logo

Dinky Bingo’s name may give the impression that it’s a small and quaint bingo site, but it’s actually quite the opposite. With a reasonable selection of thirteen bingo rooms, it’s quite impressive, even when compared to some of the bigger sites in the XL Casino sister sites network. The site’s design is vibrant and modern, with an intuitive layout that ought to be easy to navigate for players of all levels. The only thing that seems dinky about this site is its welcome promotion, which is a bit feeble compared to some of the bigger Grand Battery Holdings Limited offerings. However, it’s not out of the question that this is an intentional compromise made by Dinky Bingo to align with its name. This iGaming site also has approximately five hundred online slots to complement its bingo offerings, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained here. Overall, it’s a strong choice for anyone looking to find a site on the network that’s as fun to use for bingo as it is for slots.

Velvet Slots logo

At first glance, Velvet Slots and XL Casino may seem like two different online casinos with distinct themes, but when you delve deeper into their game selections, you’ll find that they’re practically identical. In fact, their games are even listed in the same order. This isn’t an uncommon issue, as there are over twenty other XL Casino sister sites that share this same template. Velvet Slots doesn’t even have much in the way of unique or bespoke graphics to set it apart from all the others, as it’s opted for a splash of red and a fairly generic spinning reel design. It’s not even as pretty as its twin site Velvet Bingo, which offers fewer bingo games than you may expect it to offer based on its name. Nevertheless, Velvet Slots still offers an expansive collection of over six hundred games, ensuring that players have a wide range of options to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a casino site with a varied selection of games, Velvet Slots might just be the right choice for you.

Xl Casino Information

Name Xl Casino
URL xlcasino.com
#No. of Sister Sites 235
Best Sister Sites Two Fat Ladies, Sailor Bingo, Dinky Bingo, Woman Bingo and Wink Slots
Owner/Operator Grand Battery Holdings Limited: Hospitality House, 16-20 Cumberland Street South, Dublin, D02Y097, Ireland
Sister sites status 50 Active, 160 White Labels and 25 Inactive sister sites. 235 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 58267
Support Email [email protected]
Twitter N/A – not on Twitter
Facebook Xl Casino Facebook page

Xl Casino operator – Grand Battery Holdings Limited

grand battery casinos logo

In 2022, the UK iGaming industry underwent a dramatic transformation with the entry of Grand Battery Holdings Limited. This new player disrupted the industry’s status quo, seizing an opportunity that emerged from 888 UK Limited’s decision to pivot towards the emerging US sports betting market. As part of this shift, 888 UK Limited auctioned off over 200 sites, including its whole bingo portfolio, which caught the attention of industry giants like Broadway Gaming Limited. While Broadway emerged as the highest bidder, it ultimately decided to transfer the bingo sites’ ownership to Grand Battery Holdings Limited. This strategic move strengthened Broadway Gaming’s market position, and industry experts applauded the acquisition’s boldness and innovation. While some of the weaker sites closed their doors in early 2023, Grand Battery Holdings’ entry marked a significant shift in the UK iGaming scene, which rewards daring and strategic ventures that challenge the norm.

Winning the auction for all these old 888 sites was an enormous accomplishment for Broadway Gaming but also an enormous risk – what if these new sites had hidden issues that could taint its brand? To preempt this scenario, Broadway Gaming devised an ingenious strategy: introducing Grand Battery Holdings Limited as a protective layer. Acting as an independent subsidiary, Grand Battery Holdings operates under its own UK Gambling Commission license and is responsible for ensuring that all newly acquired sites comply with regulatory standards. This innovative move allows Broadway Gaming to focus on its core sites while minimising the risk of the acquisition. It’s moves like these that have helped Broadway Gaming Limited stay ahead of the curve, and its position in the industry is now a prominent one.

Xl Casino review

Xl Casino screenshot

XL Casino Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

XL Casino’s welcome promotion certainly looks like something worth getting excited about; a 100% matched deposit bonus plus one hundred free spins with your first deposit. Your level of excitement at the prospect of the bonus is likely to decline a little when you realise that the cap on the 100% bonus is a mere £50, though. Still, there’s no winnings cap on free spins, and the playthrough or wagering requirement associated with both the bonus cash pot and the free spins is 35. It’s still a hurdle that takes effort to clear, but it’s consistent with the average for UK casino sites.

Other Promotions

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that the XL Casino welcome bonus isn’t particularly lucrative, you may be inclined to explore the other promotional offers available on the site. However, this venture is likely to be a fruitless one since there are no other bonuses or promotions available. Unlike plenty of XL Casino sister sites which offer unique loyalty reward programmes, this casino fails to provide any such perks to its players. It seems that promotions and bonuses are not at the forefront of the site’s thinking.

Top Games at XL Casino

XL Casino boasts an impressive game library with over 500 slots and games available to play. However, the top row of slots displayed on the homepage may seem a bit lacking in variety. While it’s not surprising to see the popular slot Starburst featured, it’s a bit perplexing to see the Slingo version of Starburst included as well. The inclusion of Slingone Fishin’ may also seem unnecessary, as it’s a fishing-themed game, and the site already has Big Bass Bonanza in the same row. This results in the entire top row being occupied by either versions of Starburst or fishing-themed games, which may not accurately represent the diverse range of games available at XL Casino. It’s a missed opportunity for the casino to showcase its full range of offerings.

Customer Support and Licensing

At XL Casino, assistance is just a few clicks or a phone call away. If you prefer to communicate via email, simply send a message to [email protected] For those who need immediate support, a live chat feature is available around the clock via a dedicated link on the “Contact Us” page, and if you’d rather speak with a friendly representative, XL Casino’s telephone support is ready to take your call from 8am until midnight, every day of the week, at 0808 279 3222. The site operates under license number 58267, granted by the UK Gambling Commission to Grand Battery Holdings Limited in February 2022. The operator has never received any fines or warnings from the regulator.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

You might find XL Casino’s withdrawal policy somewhat lacking. Unfortunately, your payment options are limited to PayPal e-wallets and debit cards, leaving you with little flexibility. The mandatory 48-hour processing period for all transactions only adds to the frustration, as it means you won’t be able to access your funds as quickly as you’d like. If you opt for a PayPal withdrawal, you can expect to wait an extra 2-3 business days for your funds to clear, while debit card withdrawals could take up to five working days. Compared to the instant or 24-hour withdrawals offered by the best online casinos, this delay is far from ideal. It’s a shame that XL Casino hasn’t kept up with the times in this regard, as speedy withdrawals are increasingly becoming a standard expectation among players.

Final Thoughts on XL Casino

The biggest problem at XL Casino is that its name implies it should be “extra large,” but it just isn’t that big in either the promotions that it offers or the promotions that come with the games. It’s as fine as every other Grand Battery Holdings Limited casino that uses this template, but it’s bland. The standard for slots casinos on this platform is either Wink Slots, Secret Slots or Jazzy Spins, and XL Casino is nowhere near any of them.

Xl Casino Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about XL Casino. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

XL Casino has only received one player review across all the major review websites in the past twelve months, indicating that the casino isn’t especially popular with players. We do like to bring our readers balanced pictures of player feedback regarding the casinos we cover where we can, though, so should more reviews of XL Casino appear in the future, you’ll see them here.