Bingo Barmy sister sites

Bingo Barmy sister sites

Bingo Barmy sister sites include Polo Bingo, Spy Bingo, Posh Bingo and Costa Bingo. Bingo Barmy sister sites are operated by Grand Battery Holdings Limited, licence number 58267 which operates 237 sister sites in total.

Bingo Barmy sister sites 2023

Polo Bingo logo

Polo is not a sport for the working classes. It’s also not much of a spectator sport. It is, however, posh – and “posh” sometimes works as a draw for an iGaming site (we’ll have more on that in a moment as we work our way down this list of Bingo Barmy sister sites). Does all of this mean that Polo Bingo is a great place to come and play bingo if you’re well-heeled and pronounce “bath” as if it rhymes with “Garth?”

Actually, no it doesn’t – but that doesn’t have anything to do with the site’s theme. It also wouldn’t be a fantastic place to come and play bingo, even if your idea of “polo” is a mint. There simply aren’t enough bingo games at Polo Bingo to make it a great bingo site. It’s one of a great many Grand Battery Holdings Limited sites that advertise bingo but actually deliver slots – roughly five hundred of them in total. There are a few bingo rooms, too, but they feel like a token gesture.

Posh Bingo logo

There are five or six Bingo Barmy sister sites that look very similar to Posh Bingo. Our advice would be to stay away from all of them. We’re not looking to establish an “upper class” theme with this cross-section of Bingo Barmy sister sites – if you know the theme of Bingo Barmy, you’ll know it’s quite the opposite – but including these sites gives you an idea of the weaknesses that exist elsewhere on the platform.

Posh Bingo is well over a decade old and hasn’t seen a single significant update in all of that time. It’s been left behind by changing design trends and has barely any games to offer. Even some of the links on its homepage aren’t working anymore. We wouldn’t be able to say with confidence that Posh Bingo is even maintained these days, which is reason enough to steer clear. If you spent money at this site and then ran into difficulties, we’re not sure how easy it would be to get assistance.

Costa Bingo logo

Those of you who’ve been playing slots, casinos and bingo games online for a long time will be familiar with the Costa Bingo brand already. At one point, this was one of the most popular of all the Bingo Barmy sister sites, far exceeding the popularity of Bingo Barmy itself. It was even advertised on television by a Spice Girl – Mel B, to be exact. That was a few years ago, and Costa Bingo (much like Posh Bingo) has been left behind by changes in fashion and web design.

There are plenty of holiday-themed casinos and bingo sites on the Grand Battery Holdings Limited platform, and most of them look better than Costa Bingo does. It’s boring and blocky and surprisingly limited for a site of such repute. All Costa Bingo can offer is sixteen bingo rooms and around three hundred slots, which simply isn’t enough to qualify it as one of the picks of the range anymore. What’s happened to the site is a shame.

Moon Games logo

If you scroll right down to the bottom of this page and look at our full list of all the Bingo Barmy sister sites, you’ll see that it’s a massive platform. There are so many sites on this network that some of them have spawned siblings of their own. Moon Games, for example, is a spin-off from Moon Bingo. Unlike Moon Bingo, Moon Games understands the assignment when it comes to its name and theme. There’s an astronaut on the homepage of Moon Games, reclining in a chair with their feet up, playing casino games on their phone. Presumably, they’re passing the time on their way to the Moon.

While Moon Games isn’t the biggest of the slots casinos on this platform, it still has around five hundred slots, casino games and Slingo games to offer, and most of them are considered to be of good quality. To sweeten the pot, Moon Games offers all new players either a cash bonus or an allocation of free spins when they join up and spin the Welcome Wheel of Fortune.

Fancy Bingo logo

There’s something wrong with the basic design of Fancy Bingo. It looks fine if you load the site on a mobile device, but if you load it on a laptop or a desktop, the graphics on its homepage are weirdly stretched. We realise that’s a minor concern, as the overwhelming majority of people who visit the site do so on a mobile device, but it must still be an annoyance for those who prefer to do their gaming while sitting at their computers.

The children’s party theme (or, at least, that’s what we think the theme is) of Fancy Bingo isn’t especially well-realised, but we could make similar criticisms about the themes of plenty of the Bingo Barmy sister sites. More important is the site’s content, which is actually identical to that of Costa Bingo in terms of both the slots and the bingo rooms that it offers. You might find the promotions at Fancy Bingo a tad more generous, though.

Total Gold logo

Total Gold belongs to the same category of Bingo Barmy sister sites as Moon Games, as it’s a slots casino rather than a bingo site. However, it’s not as good a casino as Moon Games is. The casinos on this platform tend to be put together with one of three or four templates, and those that use the same template as Total Gold tend to be “lesser” casinos in much the same way as the bingo sites that use the same template as Posh Bingo are “lesser” bingo sites.

It’s not that there aren’t great games at Total Gold – it’s likely to contain your favourite ten or twenty big-name slots – it’s just that there’s a lack of depth and variety compared to the bigger, more expansive casinos on the platform. Total Gold tries to make up for this by offering more promotions and loyalty rewards than Moon Games does, but slightly ruins this with the size of the wagering requirements that it imposes.

Bingo Barmy Information

Name Bingo Barmy
#No. of Sister Sites 235
Best Sister Sites Spy Bingo, Polo Bingo, Moon Games, Costa Bingo and Posh Bingo
Owner/Operator Grand Battery Holdings Limited: Hospitality House, 16-20 Cumberland Street South, Dublin, D02Y097, Ireland
Sister sites status 50 Active, 160 White Labels and 25 Inactive sister sites. 235 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 58267
Support Email [email protected]
Twitter N/A – not on Twitter
Facebook N/A – not on Facebook

Bingo Barmy operator – Grand Battery Holdings Limited

grand battery casinos logo

In late 2021, 888 UK Limited made a sudden and unexpected decision to exit the bingo business and part ways with some of its less successful casino sites. Instead of managing a large portfolio, the company wanted to focus on its sports betting platform and top casinos. So, they sold over 200 sites to Broadway Gaming Limited for £38 million. The Irish company then transferred ownership of the sites to Grand Battery Holdings, which has been managing them since February 2022. Grand Battery Holdings conducted evaluations of those sites for the remainder of 2022 and then shut down some of the underperforming ones in early 2023. Despite the closures, most industry experts believe that the £38 million price tag was a good value due to the strength of the top sites included in the package.

Dublin’s Broadway Gaming Limited had the option of adding its newly acquired sites to its existing UK Gambling Commission license but doing so would have made the company directly responsible for any issues with the sites, including pre-existing problems that it wouldn’t necessarily know about in advance. Instead, Broadway Gaming created Grand Battery Holdings Limited and obtained a new UK Gambling Commission license for it. With the transfer of all the casinos and bingo sites to the newly created company, Grand Battery Holdings technically became the largest casino operator in the UK, but the reality is that it’s more like a phantom company. Grand Battery Holdings has no real existence. It doesn’t have employees, a website, a logo, or a business address and operates essentially as a trading style of Broadway Gaming Limited, serving as a form of insulation between Broadway and the former 888 sites.

Bingo Barmy review

Bingo Barmy screenshot

Bingo Barmy Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

There are few things in life more annoying than people who describe themselves as “crazy” or “barmy,” but the same isn’t true of iGaming sites that describe themselves using the same terms. In the case of Bingo Barmy, the people behind the site genuinely might be out of their minds based on the generosity of the site’s welcome promotion. For a deposit of just £10, players can claim thirty free spins on slots plus an astonishing 1150 free bingo tickets – without any wagering requirements attached to any aspect of the promotion. You’ll need to wager at least half of your initial £10 deposit before the bonus is delivered, but that’s literally a small price to pay.

Other Promotions

Bingo Barmy’s loyalty program, known as the “Ace Club,” would be easier for us to appraise if it were clearly explained. Much of the important information about the programme is “classified,” leaving Bingo Barmy in full control of assigning loyalty levels without revealing the criteria for doing so. We believe the program assigns a player’s loyalty level based on their lifetime deposits, but this can change if spending levels and player behaviour change. As the loyalty level rises, the rewards become proportionately bigger – including cashback offers, VIP bingo room access, bonus spins, and free bingo tickets. The program has twelve levels in total, but there’s no clear information on the monthly spending required to reach the higher levels. For those who prefer an easier path to rewards, Bingo Barmy also offers smaller bonuses with far clearer terms.

Top Games at Bingo Barmy

All the bingo rooms on this platform that have access to the “Royal Room” make a feature out of it, and Bingo Barmy is among their number. Those who gain entry to the room – which requires special tickets that can be won in other rooms – are promised to be treated like kings and queens. It’s a 90-ball bingo room with guaranteed jackpots and is considered the peak of the bingo experience among the Bingo Barmy sister sites. To win their tickets (and hopefully some cash along the way), players can play in the other popular bingo rooms at the site, which include the “Fun in 90” room, the “£1K Thursday Groove” room, and the “£500 Wednesday Chic” room. As you can tell from the names, some of those rooms are only open on specific days and come with specific jackpots.

Customer Support and Licensing

Getting customer support at Bingo All Stars is easy, thanks to the live chat agents in the “help” room, but that’s only useful to you if you’re actually logged into your account. If you’re having trouble accessing your account due to technical issues, give the freephone number 0800 901 2510 a call between 10am and 2am to talk to an agent. Bingo All Stars is among over one hundred iGaming sites regulated by the UK Gambling Commission under license 58267, which was issued to Grand Battery Holdings Limited in February 2022. As of now, the UKGC hasn’t taken any regulatory actions against Grand Battery Holdings, so the licence is clean.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

Withdrawing your winnings from Bingo Barmy isn’t a quick process. It’s slow, and there are limited options – the only way to cash out is through a debit card or PayPal. After you request a withdrawal, you’ll have to wait two business days for the site to process it. If you’re using PayPal, it’ll take another 2-3 business days to get your money, or up to 5 business days if you’re using a debit card. Compared to other online iGaming sites in the UK, Bingo Barmy doesn’t measure up. The best ones let you get your cash instantly, while even some of the not-so-good ones can do it on the same day. Bingo All Stars is close to the bottom of the pack in terms of withdrawal processing.

Final Thoughts on Bingo Barmy

We love the Bingo Barmy welcome promotion; it’s one of the biggest and fairest on this entire platform. We think it’s possible that there’s value to be had in the site’s loyalty programme, too, but we can’t be certain because of the vague terms and conditions. We’re less enthused about the long turnaround times for withdrawals, but Bingo Barmy remains a decent bingo option overall.

Bingo Barmy Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about Bingo Barmy. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

Bingo Barmy has never been reviewed by any players on any major review websites, which is a shame, as it indicates that the site may not be getting the attention it deserves. We like to bring you player feedback where possible, so we’ll keep watch for reviews and post them here if any appear.